Maplewood is right smack in the middle of St Louis. It is right between two of the major highways, Highway 64 and Highway 44, so you can really get anywhere in St Louis, super fast from being in Maplewood. It is also right down Big Bend from Clayton, so anybody wanting to work in Clayton or anybody that is working downtown can get anywhere they need to actually super fast. The other thing that is fun about the location of Maplewood, is that it is right on the western border of St Louis city, so you get a little bit of that funkiness of the city. It’s more, it’s a little bit hipper community. It’s a little, it’s got more … it’s not quite as suburban, I should say. It’s a little bit funkier than say, Webster and Kirkwood, which are a little bit, still farther to the west and it’s definitely more affordable.

All those things are great. The other thing about Maplewood that makes it really attractive for people, is the schools. The school system, Maplewood, Richmond Heights district is a very good district. Maplewood shares its school system with Richmond Heights, which is the community that is just to the north of Maplewood. The high school is a combined high school for Maplewood and Richmond Heights. It’s right there on the corner of Big Bend and Manchester, so it’s highly walkable to a lot of the kids in the area, which also makes it super attractive. A couple of other really great things, just community things about Maplewood, Maplewood has the Maplewood Aquatic Center, which is this huge pool, right in the heart of town. It’s right at Maplewood, or I’m sorry, at Manchester and Sutton. It’s a great place to get a membership during the summer.

There is a really large kiddy pool area, with like a beach front entrance, which makes it great for little bitty kids. There’s a huge side for some of the older kids and then there’s a totally separate pool, which is a big giant Olympic-size pool for doing laps, with the diving boards and all of that. My family personally spent a couple of fantastic summers at the Maplewood Pool. A great place to waste a little bit of time on a hot summer day. Another great resource in Maplewood is the library. Maplewood has a really wonderful library that’s right close. It’s actually right next to the high school. Lots of great resources. They do tons of events at that library, which are really fun. We went to several book readings there, lots of fun things for kids to do and so it’s a great space. One of the absolute best parts of Maplewood is what you’re seeing right now.

This is the downtown area of Maplewood. There are so many fantastic restaurants and a couple of really fantastic breweries. On either side of Maplewood, on the East side, you’ll find Schlafly, which is one of the original craft brewers in St Louis, so a St Louis staple. On the far West side of Maplewood, you will find Side Project Brewery, which was voted eighth-best brewery in the world. That’s actually a real thing. You will sometimes find the line around the block when Side Project has a new beer that they’ve put out. In addition to that, there is Boogaloo, which is fantastic. Cuban cuisine, Crow’s Nest, Acero for finer dining. You can hit Boardwalk Waffles for waffles and ice cream after dinner. As far as the market goes in Maplewood, the houses are a little bit older, so you’re going to get a lot of that history and charm, big front porches and big high ceilings.

But, it’s a tougher market because it’s such a small community. Right now, April, 2020, there are currently six houses on the market, ranging between 175,000 up to 299,000 and the median price is somewhere around 220 to 230. I hope that is helpful, and if you have any other questions about Maplewood, just let me know.