University City is very centrally located in St. Louis. It is really close to major highways. It’s just north of Highway 40 or 64 and just east of Highway 170, which gets you straight to the airport. Also, very close to Washington University, Forest Park and Clayton, so University City has got a really desirable location.

This is the Delmar Loop. The Delmar Loop in University City is full of fun places to eat and fun things to do. There is a ton of different types of food here. There is a lot of different shopping and there is a lot of really great live music events, or live music venues, I should say. The Pageant is one of the biggest in St. Louis. Right next door to that is Delmar Hall. Just down the street as part of Blueberry Hill is a place called The Duck Room which is a little, it’s a much smaller music venue but lots of things to do on the Delmar Loop in University City.

There are a lot of great festivals that happen in the area too. The Ice Carnival happens in this part of town in January every year. University City does a really fun University City Memorial Day run, which we like to do. My family and I will do that every year to kick off the summer. Really, that’s great. And just generally a good place if you want to waste a day to walk around the neighborhood and see what’s going on.

The housing in University City is super diverse. There is something for everybody. There are lots of apartments for the Washington University students, so lots of kind of smaller places to live. Some really great brick bungalows and smaller properties, you’ll find those more on the north side of Olive, which is a little bit farther North. And then there is a ton of really beautiful housing, more centrally located in University City.

This neighborhood here is called the University Heights in University City. A lot of these houses were built in the 20s and 30s. And you’ll see a lot of the shingle and shake roofs, a lot of travertine tile inside, a lot of wrought iron. There’s a lot of art deco stuff happening and one of the really charming things about University City is that all of the houses are going to be different. It’s not going to be like out in the suburbs where you’ll have a lot of the same stuff. It’s a lot of brick, a lot of character, a lot of charm. What you will find with some of these older homes though is you will not have the same sort of updated floor plan, so the bedrooms are going to be a little bit smaller. There are not going to be walk in closets. Generally first floor plans in University City houses aren’t going to be open to open kitchens and things like that. But if you’re willing to trade that off for some of the charm and history, then this is definitely for you.

This particular neighborhood, University Heights is super walkable to the Delmar Loop. You can just kind of hop out onto Delmar and walk down the street to all the fun things that are happening in University City. The proximity to Clayton and the proximity to Washington University in Forest Park is fantastic with University City as well. As far as the housing market goes here in April of 2020, there are currently 57 active houses. The smaller things run from about $115,000 to the super big stuff at 1.1 million, with the average being about $319,000. But you can find something, a three bedroom, two bath generally for somewhere between $300,000 and $500,000. Like I said, there’s a little bit of something for everybody. If you’re looking for something smaller, there’s definitely opportunities. If you’re looking for something much bigger, that certainly is an opportunity as well.

So hopefully this was helpful. If you have more questions about University City or would like some more information about the area, please reach out and let me know. I have put a link down below to some of the popular places in University City, including some of the restaurants, some of the concert venues, and of course Wash U and Forest Park.