Hi there. Are you looking at neighborhoods in St. Louis? My name is Johanna Dueren and I’m a realtor with Circa Properties here in beautiful St. Louis, Missouri. And today we are touring Tower Grove South.

Tower Grove South is located in South St. Louis City. It is bordered on the North side by Arsenal, on the West side by Kingshighway, on the South side by Chippewa and on the East side by South Grand. Generally the location of Tower Grove South is pretty ideal. You can get pretty much anywhere very quickly. Highway 44 is close, so if you work downtown, you can get there very quickly and easy access to parks, restaurants, super walkable neighborhood. The houses in Tower Grove South are lovely, just beautiful, typical St. Louis city houses. They are brick. Typically they’re two to three stories. They are going to be most of the time for the stuff in tower Grove, South you’re going to find anywhere from three to four bedrooms. Typically, especially if it’s been redone, it’ll have two full bathrooms on the second floor and hopefully a half bath on the main floor. And almost all of them will have some form of garage or detached carport.

This is South Grand, where you will find most of the shopping and restaurants. There are a ton of really great restaurants walkable in Tower Grove South on South Grand, lots of international cuisine from 14 different countries. If you like Thai food, I would highly recommend Basil Spice or The King And I. One of my favorite sushi restaurants is here on South Grand called Cafe Mochi. I would highly recommend the Volcano roll. And if you are into vegan food at all, there’s a fantastic place called Lulu’s Local Eatery. The Buffalo cauliflower bites are delicious.

One of the big draws to the Tower Grove South neighborhood is Tower Grove park, which borders the neighborhood on the North side, which is a spectacular park, almost 300 acres. It’s the second largest park in St. Louis. And there are always fun events happening in the park. The Tower Grove farmer’s market is there every Saturday. There’s always lots of fun festivals, including the Festival of Nations in the late summer, every year. It’s a great place to hang out. Tower Grove South is a very popular neighborhood and things tend to go quickly here in May of 2020, there are eight homes on the market ranging between $129,000 and $465,000. You can typically get a three to four bedroom home with two to three baths, anywhere between $300,000 and $500,000.

This particular street Tower Grove South street that we’re on right here is called Utah Place. Some of the bigger homes in the area are on Utah, and it’s a lovely street. There’s a big, beautiful berm down the center and great architecture. The neighbors are friendly and take great care of each other and the neighborhood. Lots of dog walking, runners heading to or from the park and neighbors visiting on front porches.

I will provide some links down below to restaurants in Tower Grove South, to the park, and to other fun things to know about Tower Grove South. And as always, if you have additional questions or if you want more information about the Tower Grove South area, feel free to reach out. Don’t forget to subscribe down below and hit the notification button. I put new videos out every week, and I’m always happy to provide more information about a neighborhood that you might be looking for.